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Sega hack exposes 1.3m customers' details, passwords

Company expresses "sincerest apologies" to consumers

Sega Europe has today admitted that "unauthorised entry was gained to the SEGA Pass system and 1,290,755 customers' information including SEGA Pass members name, email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were obtained."

In a statement given to CVG, the publisher said that it would now "further strengthen our network security as a priority issue and strive to prevent any potential recurrence".


It said:"We express our sincerest apologies to our customers for the inconvenience and concern caused by this matter. SEGA Pass is the service used to provide information about our new products to registered members and does not hold any customer financial information. After the unauthorized entry was identified, we immediately stopped the SEGA Pass service and took emergency action to prevent further damage. This action included immediately contacting all our registered SEGA Pass users.

"We are now fully investigating the cause of the incident. We have also examined the possibility of any other information loss from unauthorized access across our other services and can confirm there are no other verified incidents. We will immediately report through the website of SEGA Europe Ltd. ( should there be any further developments regarding this issue. We deeply regret that such unauthorized access occurred."

No financial information was stored on the site.

Sega is the latest victim of a new trend for hackers gaining unuthorised access to secret consumer data protected by games companies.

Bethesda, EVE Online, Square Enix, Codemasters Sony and more have all been attacked by outside "intrusions" this year.