Take-Two 'very excited' for Wii U

No confirmed support yet, but another successful platform is good news, says GTA house

Rockstar parent company and home of Grand Theft Auto, Take Two Interactive, has said it's 'looking at' Nintendo's new Wii U console and is excited at the prospect of another successful HD console in the market.


When asked if the firm was interested in Wii U, executive VP CEO Karl Slatoff replied: "Yeah. We haven't announced any specific support for Wii U at this point, but anytime you've got a new platform that could garner a significant audience, then we would be interested."

Slatoff refrained from confirming Take-Two's intention to support the console, but did say encouragingly: "It is an HD platform that has the processing power to develop a compelling triple experience. If it takes hold of the market, that is good for us. So from that perspective, we are very excited about that.

"Again we haven't announced any support for it but obviously we have a great relationship with Nintendo, and we will be looking at the Wii U," he told VentureBeat.

Take-Two shares fell last week Tuesday following disappointing review scores for Duke Nukem Forever and lower than expected first month sales of LA Noire. The publisher's shares closed down by more than four percent on Tuesday, the day the game hit US retail.

[ SOURCE: VentureBeat ]