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Take-Two not interested in Wii U ports

Post-release ports of LA Noire or GTA IV for Nintendo? Not likely...

With Wii U being a high-def console, a number of games headed to PS3 and Xbox 360 have been announced for the Nintendo format.


While firms like Ubisoft (we'd never have guessed) have rushed to confirm HD franchises such as Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon for the console, Take-Two - home of GTA and a particularly successful firm on HD formats - has held off confirming support.

It has admitted it's looking at the platform, but says it's not interested in doing straight ports. "Let's just assume that everyone is at the same quality level in terms of the high-definition piece. Art work is a significant part of development costs. But we are not interested in the ability to just do straight ports," said Take-Two CEO Karl Slatoff to VentureBeat.

"We are not a big believer in straight ports in general. For us it's more about developing for the specific capability of each machine. We focus on what the platform brings to bear," he added.

"For us, if you are really going to do good job, look at the platform itself, analyze the capabilities and develop your game to take advantage of those capabilities and that is the best way to address that audience."

Just announce GTA V for it already.

[ SOURCE: VentureBeat ]