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LittleBigPlanet 2's Move support detailed

New creation tools and gameplay revealed

Sony has unleashed a wealth of details on LittleBigPlanet 2's upcoming Move update.

Sony confirmed at E3 earlier this month that LBP developer Media Molecule is working on a huge update for the game that will add deeper Move controller integration this Autumn, but the announcement was light on details.

The form has revealed this weekend a load of details on what it will entail. The DLC will come with a selection of MM-made levels and mini games that will show off the new gameplay the Move controller enables.

It also details two new level editor items, the Manipulator and the Moveinator, and how they can be combined to create new point-and-shoot mechanics, plus details on a Slicer tool and Move Recorder.


The update will also add an entire paint studio tool called the Sticker Creator, which lets you make stickers manually.

It's all on the PS Blog (through the source link) but here are excerpts of the important stuff (with screenshots below):

- The Manipulator: A power-up which can be dropped into a level to instantly enable Move gameplay. It works just like other power-ups that you're already familiar with; It's equipped when a player walks over it and can be removed with the power-up remover. With the Manipulator, the player aims by pointing the Move motion controller and can pick up, move around and carry grabbable objects using the trigger. It has a set range (similar to that of the grappling hook) indicated by a translucent orb around Sackboy.

- The Moveinator: The PlayStation Move's equivalent of the Controlinator. As well as all the standard buttons, it gives Creators access to all of the Move's sensors: Gyroscopes for rotation and tilt on all and the accelerometers to detect up. down, left and right movement. Anyone who's used the Controlinator in their levels will find the Moveinator's circuit board very familiar. All of the outputs can be wired-up to Mover logic to allow the player to control any object directly.

- Combine the Moveinator with the Move Cursor and you've got instant point and shoot gameplay. Just plonk one of these new logic chips down on the Moveinator's circuit board and you're given a reticule which you can aim with the PlayStation Move. You can customize the pointer to be any sticker you like and you can even tweak a range of options to have it change color or even switch to a completely different graphic when it hovers over specific objects.

- Multipliers on Score Givers: You can tweak how often the score is multiplied and by how much. They've also introduced Speed and Rotation Sensors which output if and how much an object is moving.


- Slicer Tool: This works in a similar way to the Corner Editing Tool but allows you to pick any two points on the edge of a shape and slice it in two - a big time-saver.

- Move Recorder: a new logic chip which records the fluid motion of the Move controller. This allows Creators to give realistic, organic behavior to any object and anyone who's used Sackbots' "Act" function will instantly recognize how it works.

Sticker Creator - Move controller is your paint brush. There's a selection of brush types, shapes and colors to choose from and you can also change the brushes opacity, allowing you to blend several colors together to get that precise shade that you're after. You could also take any existing sticker and use it as a brush or stamp.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]