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CVG's Site Of The Week: God Is A Geek

More gaming goodness from cyberspace

Our last Site of the Week was VG Reloaded, the one man operation with a focus on high quality, scrutinising games reviews.

This week we're turning to a group of cyber journos who don't hold gaming as a mere hobby, for them it's a religion.

God Is A Geek is CVG's Site of the Week this time, a multiplatform games site with all the bases covered. Everything from news to reviews to the 'Godcast' is included in the bundle.

We had a chat with editor in chief Calvin Robinson to see what else we could find out:


What sets God Is A Geek apart from other sites?
Unbridled enthusiasm. A team that genuinely love gaming, and everything about it. When we review a game and it's bad, we're as disappointed as anyone. Our team is very hard working, and we believe it comes across in every article that hits the site.

What would you say you specialise in?
Original content. While we do provide great reviews, previews and news, we're also really keen to engage with our community (through our forums and social networks for e.g.) and provide them with the content they like. We're very proud of our original features. Not to mention the GodisaGeek podcast, or GodCast if you will.

What do you have planned for the future?
Some unique features that we can't talk about should be starting as soon as July, but as we've not seen them on other sites we don't want to give away our ideas.

We're going to be bringing video content in the near future as well. On top of that, we are always on the look out for new staff, and we aim to get further involved with our ever growing community.