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Ocarina of Time soundtrack offer extended after 'technical issues'

Nintendo issues apologetic statement following website problems

Nintendo Europe has extended its offer to send a free Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack CD to those who register a copy of the just-released 3DS version of the game on the Club Nintendo website.

The extension, now running through to June 30 for Euro customers, comes after an issue with Nintendo's official website prevented a number of clambering Zelda fans from claiming their CD.


"Unfortunately, we encountered a technical issue with our Club Nintendo website and this resulted in an error for some customers when trying to claim the promotional soundtrack CD from Friday afternoon until today, Monday, June 20th," said Nintendo in a statement today.

"This issue is now solved, but we would like to extend our sincere apologies to all Club Nintendo members who encountered this problem," it added.

If it happened to you, don't fret; Nintendo says it will "be in contact soon with Club Nintendo members who registered their software, but were not able to enter their details for the soundtrack CD, with information on how to proceed in order to receive the CD."

The June 30 date applies to Europe and UK only. While Nintendo of America also says it's experienced "strong demand and technical issues", the offer ends in US today - which it says is an extension even though the game only came out in US yesterday. Talk about a tight deadline.

Make sure you get yours in quick.