GTA V 2012 release 'pretty likely' - source

"It's the big one," according to alleged Rockstar insiders

Rockstar is hard at work on Grand Theft Auto V, with a 2012 release "pretty likely".

That's according to "sources close to" the developer, who reportedly told GameSpot that development is "well under way", with final touches like mini-games already being applied.


"It's the big one," they also said of the game, noting that GTA V's scale is vast. Repeated rumours suggest the game will be set in real world Los Angeles.

The evidence is certainly building towards a reveal for GTA V anytime soon. The first signs of the game crept online in February via an actor's CV, and were quickly followed by some suspicious Rockstar-registered URLs.

Evidence from as far back as December suggests that the game is being codenamed 'Rush' and features characters including a "Welsh monk/cult leader/yoga teacher", a "weed evangelist", a "swinger" and - top of the pops - "an ugly but comfortable mellow Californian divorcee". Hmmm. 'Rush'. Which city immediately springs to mind when you hear that phrase?

[ SOURCE: GameSpot ]