There will be more Duke Nukem - Take-Two

CEO Strauss Zelnick says the publisher has plans to grow the franchise

Reviewers say Duke Nukem Forever stinks, but developer Gearbox claims it's selling well and now publisher Take-Two says it's committed to making the most of the intellectual property.

Does that mean new Duke Nukem games? Or perhaps a movie or TV show?


Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told Forbes: "We don't really talk about it in detail but you will see future Duke IP coming from this company.

"Part of it is the economic opportunities that interact with entertainment are so huge. Part of it is that we are very creative folks in control. Part of it is we don't want to ever be in the position of dumping something down just to make another buck.

"If we can take some of our intellectual property and bring it to another medium in an extraordinary high quality way, that delights consumers and represents an interesting commercial opportunity for us, we will.

"We have certainly considered doing that with BioShock and with other titles," he added. "So far we haven't brought anything to market, but stay tuned."

[ SOURCE: Forbes ]