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PSN hack leaves Sony 'hyper vigilant'

PlayStation Europe boss thanks consumers for sticking with service

Sony Europe boss Andrew House has offers consumers who have returned to PSN following recent security difficulties a since thank you - and promised that the firm is now being "hyper vigilant" with the service.


Speaking on camera below, House said that Sony's experience had jolted not only the platform holder itself, but many other companies into shoring up their security.

Since PlayStation Network was hacked in April, comparable attacks have taken place on the servers of Bethesda, EVE Online, Codemasters, Minecraft and Sega - who revealed on Sunday that the personal data of 1.29 million customers had been illegally accessed.

"The first thing I'd like to say to people is that we are genuinely humbled and extremely grateful to those consumers who have continued to put their trust in us," House told CVG. "That's a responsibility we now take even more seriously than we did before. We'll try our absolute best to try and make our system as secure as we possibly can."

Although House admitted that Sony had a "long way to go to restore consumers' faith in the system", he pledged that April's intrusion has "taught Sony - and many other companies - that you have to adopt a stance of hyper vigilance".

A suspected member of headline-grabbing hacking outfit LulzSec - and former member of Sony opponents Anonymous - was arrested earlier today in Essex.

The police have said that they will "examine the individual for any Sony data" related to the PSN hack.

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