Nintendo 3DS eShop update: Double Dragon, Radar Mission

Latest 3DS, DSi and Wii updates detailed...

Nintendo's released a new batch of titles for the 3DS Virtual Console. Here's what you can look to spend your Nintendo points on...


This week's highlight is Double Dragon for the 3DS Virtual Console, published by Arc System Works. The title was originally released for Game Boy in 1990 and sees Jimmy and Billy Lee taking on rival gangs by beating the snot out of them.

Here's the full list.

  • Double Dragon (3DS Virtual Console, Arc System Works: £2.70)
  • Radar Mission (3DS Virtual Console, Nintendo: £2.70)
  • Just Sing: 80s Collection (DSiWare: DTP Young Entertainment, 500 Nintendo Points)
  • Delbo (DSiWare: Neko Entertainment, 200 Nintendo Points)

Last week Nintendo updated the UK 3DS eShop by adding Game Boy classic Donkey Kong '94.