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Team Fortress 2 'Uber Update' gets more details

Day two reveals more characters

Following on from 'Mobster Monday', Valve has sent out more information about Team Fortress 2's upcoming massive update.


Valve says the so-called 'Uber update' will be "the biggest, most ambitious update in the history of Team Fortress 2."

'Timbuck Tuesday' reveals two more new character models following on from day one, this time The Sniper and The Demoman get a going over. Each comes with new weapons and accessories to increase their effectiveness in the field.

The Sniper gets a new rifle and a sword called 'The Shahanshah', while Demoman gets a shield, a sword and 'Ali Baba's Wee Booties' which provide a health boost when worn.

Team Fortress 2 is also free to play this week. Check out all the Timbuk Tuesday details in the screen grabs below.

[ SOURCE: Team Fortress 2 website ]