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Saints Row dev 'dreading' reaction to secret weapon - but it doesn't involve farts

If it's funny and fun we have to put it in, says writer

Voltion says it's "not nervous at all" about the obscene content included in its mental open-world action game, Saints Row: The Third.


However, there's one under-wraps weapon lead writer Drew Holmes joked he's "dreading" to see the public's reaction to - and it doesn't involve farts.

"I don't think we're nervous at all [about content]," he told CVG in a just-published interview. "It's interesting - when you build a game I think there are always going to be people who react negatively to it and people who react positively. If people don't have a reaction to it then I think that's the time to get worried.

"If people have a strong opinion on your game than I think you're doing something right. There are a few things that we haven't announced yet that I personally am really excited about and once we take the cloak off we'll see what peoples' reactions are. I think that they're going to be pleasantly surprised."

The Volition man explained it's "hard to draw a definitive line" on what's deemed too risqué for inclusion in the final game, but if an idea's fun and funny then the developer's "absolutely got to put it in the game."

"It's all about giving people this crazy, cool, funny experience that they're not going to get from any other game," the writer said.

"The other weapons that we do have are absolutely not what people are expecting. The stuff that we've shown so far is tame and normal in comparison. Going back to 'am I nervous?' There's one weapon for damn sure that I'm just dreading (laughs). I think it's brilliant but we'll see what people think..."

Asked if the obscene weapon in question involves the dreaded taboo, farts, Holmes confirmed: "No it doesn't!"

Speaking during the third game's reveal earlier this year, senior producer Greg Donovan said self-censorship on Saints Row 3 is "like defining porn", before revealing the canned 'fart in a jar' weapon.