Halo 4: Master Chief's new look, personality will be explained - 343

Studio says there's a reason behind that missing cod-piece

Eagle-eyed Halo fans noticed that Master Chief is sporting a subtle new look in Microsoft's Halo 4 trailer.


According to new developer 343 Industries, the changes aren't just aesthetic. Chief will demonstrate some new behaviour as well, but not without reason.

"There's some story behind his new look," explained studio boss Frank O'Connor in an E3 interview. "There are specific reasons why he looks the way he does and why some of his behaviours have changed. We'll see in good time."

Halo 4 was made official during Microsoft's E3 press conference this month when it was labelled "the dawn of a new trilogy".

According to O'Conner, some details on Halo's 4 plot - maybe even hints on Master Chief's new mental breakdown - will be sprinkled throughout Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary.

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