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Wii U controller designed to work in one room

Portable screen not as portable as you might think

Nintendo legend, Shigeru Miyamoto, has said the Wii U's screen-enabled controller is designed to work in the same room as the console.


Despite the fact that gamers will be able to play entire games on the controller screen without needing to use the TV, the controllers may not be as portable as you might expect.

When asked if it was possible for a gamer to take the controller upstairs to a bedroom (presumably with the console downstairs in the living room) and play, Miyamoto replied: "Without going into the whether or not it is physically possible to use the device throughout your house, the device is designed for you to have your Wii U controller and television in the same room. They are designed to interact with one another."

That's all he says on the matter. But if the connection between the Wii U controller and the new console is as strong as the Wii Remotes and the current Wii, we'd expect it to work in at least the rooms directly next to the console's location.

We can make our Wii respond to controller movements from the other side of the house but we can't see how this affects latency, which will be far more important on the Wii U controller due to small-screen gameplay.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]