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Microsoft kills £1 Xbox Live renewal glitch

Gold membership until 2014 for £36 is no more

A glitch that allowed hundreds of Xbox 360 owners to renew their Live membership for £1 a month yesterday has, unsurprisingly, being quickly squashed by the platform holder.


The glitched promotion which offered up Xbox Live's Gold membership for as little as a single pound for a month's service was last seen in May before its second coming yesterday.

That first glitch has a six month limit on membership extensions but yesterday's blunder came without any such restriction. Xbox gamers were able to extend their Gold membership until 2014 (three years is the maximum pre-paid extension Microsoft allows as standard) for just £36.

At least Xbox Live hasn't been hacked, as was feared over the weekend.

It seems that platform holders have more external threats to fear these days rather than internal failings. Microsoft has said that it wouldn't wish a PSN-style attack on any of its competitors.

[ SOURCE: Gamerzines ]