Rift patch v1.3 brings 'Waves of Madness'

Big changes in Trion MMO

A new Rift patch was released overnight for both the US and the EU.


It's called 'Waves of Madness' and, as you can see from the list of tweaks, fixes and feature updates below, it's something of a tidal wave.

Here's everything that's been done to the TRION MMO:

RIFT 1.3 - WAVES OF MADNESS - 6/22/11


  • Guild Banks are not yet available thanks to an excellent find by our PTS testers. We will update you on their status later today.
  • Iron Pine Peak daily quests are not properly awarding Plaques of the Mountaineer - a hotfix for this is underway.

  • The opening of Hammerknell draws near; the forces of Water and Death stand to unleash their power on Telara while the Ascended rush to contain Akylios and his cult.
  • Character Transfers are now open - see below for details on moving your character or guild!
  • Quantum Sight and Omen Sight now allow Ascended to see all new Artifacts for all new collections!
  • A variety of new costume armor can be found in Iron Pine Peaks, Stillmoor, and Shimmersand.

  • Character transfers are free and a character can be moved once every 7 days.
  • To be eligible for a transfer, your character must meet the following requirements:
    - Level 15+ [does not apply to characters on designated Trial Shards]
    - If under level 40, the maximum Platinum that you can transfer with is capped at 3 Plat per character level.
    - Your account cannot be Coin Locked
    - You cannot have mail left in your mailbox, or auctions left on the auction house/pending bids.
  • Initiate a Character Transfer from the Character Select screen.
  • Not all shards or factions will be open for transfer at a given time; this will change based on population balance.
  • If your name is not available on the desired shard, you will be prompted for a rename prior to moving.
  • Once you accept the transfer, it will take several seconds to complete.
  • For information on transferring your guild [as a guild leader], or joining your guild after it has moved, see below under GUILD TRANSFERS.

  • Guild leaders will be able to choose whether or not to move their guild with them to a selected shard after satisfying all of the above transfer process requirements.
  • The Guild Bank must be empty for a guild to be eligible for transfer.
  • If you are a member of a guild that has moved shards, you will be informed the next time you log in, and the same information will be available on the guild window until you transfer or join another guild.
  • If you choose to transfer shards with your guild, the destination shard and faction will always be available to you, even if it is closed to non-guild transfer characters.
  • You will need to meet all of the above individual character transfer requirements.
  • Once your individual transfer is complete, you will be automatically joined with your guild on your new shard.

  • Details on Guild Banks will be available once these are activated.

  • The Spoils of War comes to a close, and the daily quests and currency no longer drop after the release of Waves of Madness (1.3).
  • Added a wide variety of new artifacts that can only be found by those Ascended that possess Quantum Sight or Omen Sight. New rewards and titles come along with them!
  • The Icewatch Quartermaster in Iron Pine Peaks has a new set of costume armor for sale!
  • The Quartermaster for the Order of Mathos in Stillmoor now offers new costume recipes for Armorsmiths! Collect a set of Refurbished Mathosian armor! These recipes require 'Tarnished Mathosian' armor pieces, which drop from Undead and Endless Court mobs throughout the zone.
  • Fixed expiration issues with temporary runes - they should now behave as expected.
  • Multiple incoming quest-sharing offers will now be properly queued.
  • Fixed a few artifact locations that had fallen victim to being stuck in invisible walls or beneath ice.
  • Starting armor pieces will no longer allow you to try to dye portions of it that cannot be dyed, and cheat you out of a dye item.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from moving armor directly from your bank into a Wardrobe slot.
  • Lava and Tar no longer have an effect on dead characters.
  • Fixed a number of bugs where runes and other item effects were not being correctly removed when the enhanced item was un-equipped.
  • Item tooltips for artifacts now list if you've already collected the item if you are viewing the tooltip outside of your completed/in-progress collections window.

  • With the passing of the Spoils of War prelude, coin rewards for zone wide events have returned to previous levels.
  • All zone events now use the blue shield icon on the map to indicate wardstones that must be defended.
  • Expert Rifts will now be labeled as such on the map when opened.
  • Rift lures and husks now have unique and improved icons.
  • Raid Rift: Growth of the Aelfwar: Fixed some of Earl Aelorwin's abilities and their interaction with spell reflections.
  • Raid Rift: The Golden King: The fourth stage will no longer completely reset if a single NPC within it resets aggro.
  • The Scarwood Reach zone event, Double Danger, now correctly shows only 3 locations to defend.
  • The Shimmersand zone event, Scourge of the Sands, had some issues fixed where otherwise eligible players would not get credit for the final event boss.
  • The Stillmoor Rift, Endangered Souls, has more buffer time between timed stages so they progress properly if a stage is completed in the last few seconds.
  • The 'Damned Spirit' NPCs found in some Rift events will no longer hide beneath the ground.
  • Raid Rift dropped items, dropped essences, and merchant-bought essences have been upgraded!
  • Added purchasable Planarite in exchange for epic Rift currency on Rare Planar Goods merchants.
  • Raid Rift loot chests now despawn after 20 minutes instead of sticking around indefinitely.
  • A number of changes have been made to the rewards for Expert Rifts:
    - Every member of the group opening the Rift will receive 4 Crystal Sourcestones if they are able to seal the rift.
    - Completing a daily quest for an Expert Rift now awards 6 Crystal Sourcestones.
    - Everyone participating in the Rift has an increased chance to receive Crystal Sourcestone as Rift loot. Due to this, general participants will no longer receive random Rift loot.
    - Essences obtained from Expert Rifts (dropped and store-bought) have been upgraded.
    - Ancient Sourceshards have been converted into Crystal Sourcestones. Bosses and events that used to drop Ancient Sourceshards now drop Crystal Sourcestones, and items that used Ancient Sourceshards for purchase currency now use the Crystal Sourcestones as well. Existing Ancient Sourceshards will be converted automatically.
    - Prices of lesser essences purchased with Crystal Sourcestone have been increased due to the higher drop rates.
  • Additionally, Raid Rifts have their rewards updated as well:
    - Raid Rift essences have been improved in power.
    - Raid Rifts now always award one Inscribed Sourcestone to every member of the opening group.
    - Raid Rift daily quests now award 6 Inscribed Sourcestone.
    - Ancient Sourcestones no longer drop, and have been replaced with Inscribed Sourcestones. Existing Ancient Sourcestones will be converted automatically.
    - All items previously purchased with Ancient Sourcestone are now bought with Inscribed Sourcestone.
    - Lesser essences that can be purchased now cost 20 Inscribed Sourcestone.

  • The random dungeon cash reward now scales with your character level.
  • Players entering a dungeon instance via LFG will be unable to use the LFG system again for 10 minutes, or until the group defeats the first boss in the instance.
  • The first player to quit an LFG group before the instance is completed won't be able to use LFG again for 30 minutes, although it will take pity on groups that have had repeat wipes.
  • The Enter/Leave Dungeon option now only works when none of the dungeon party members are in combat.
  • The 'Group Formed' popup now displays what kind of group you're forming - Rift, Dungeon, Quest, etc.
  • High-level players can use the Specific Dungeon tab to queue for low-level dungeons if they want to assist some lower level players through the instance.
  • When leaders queue their group for LFG, each member gets a popup confirmation window for which roles they want to fulfill.
  • LFG party leaders who lose a player and miss the initial replacement popup can now open the LFG interface to request another member.

  • Due to changes in Guild Perks, all non-combat Guild Perk points have been reset. The ability for guilds to reset their own Guild Perk points for a fee is under development.
  • New guild perk: Tithe: Gains additional money from NPC kills that is added to the guild bank reserves.
  • An additional chat message is sent when a guild perk gives you bonus currency.
  • Stealth is no longer cancelled when a guild trains the Rift Extraction perk.
  • Guild Quest: Defiant: The Enemies of Telara: Quest can now be updated in Expert Iron Tombs.

  • Characters can now purchase the Planar Lure Ascended Power if they missed the quest that grants it.
  • Made it so you can't waste Planarite buying the same Ascended Power multiple times.
  • The tooltip on all Ascended Powers in the merchant window now explains that it grants the ability permanently.

  • The Life and Death epic quests that require group updates are now flagged as such, and are eligible for group matchmaking with the LFG tool!
  • Saga of the Endless: Powers of Life and Air: The Glade Orb once again drops for all members of a group.
  • Gnarladon, Cinderon, y u no spawn! You can now purchase lures for Gnarladon and Cinderon at the Sanctum Rift merchants.
  • The Saga of the Endless: A Family Affair: Some tweaks to make the quest update more reliable after scanning Marsinie.
  • A Snake in Sanctum: Katia's monologue now only shows up if you need to summon Cealhaidh.
  • The Icewatch: Now only requires Icewatch faction of Honored.

  • Mana Regeneration: Updated the calculation of mana regeneration to include diminishing returns. This should only be noticeable at higher levels and gear quality.
  • Constant jumping will not cause melee attackers to be out of range for attack.
  • NPCs now have a higher aggro threshold required to make them switch targets within melee range.
  • Stealth: Fixed a bug with toggling melee auto-attack would cause stealth to break.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Class Mechanic UI to display effects from other players instead of just your own (ex: Stormcaller, Necromancer).
  • Fixed some effects on pets to be lost when teleporting.
  • Fixed an issue causing abilities to fail to work properly against players that had just been stunned while jumping.
  • Fixed a bug causing some pet abilities to be inappropriately displayed as autocast-enabled after training a new rank of a pet.
  • Some procced effects could then cause other procs to go off - these have been cleaned up in general and should no longer occur.
  • NPC Beastmasters should no longer put the Fierce Strike debuff on their target.

  • Fixed a bug with Peace of the Grave reapplying incorrectly when zoning after resurrecting.

Earlier today Rift developer Will Cook was seen to criticise MMO giant World of Warcraft for not being different enough from when it was first launched.

[ SOURCE: IncGamers ]