Final Fantasy VII and VIII are on Steam

But not playable, yet...

We know, it's cruel. Square Enix has hidden role-playing classics Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII in the depths of Valve's Steam service - but hasn't mentioned any intention of making them available for download.


The Final Fantasy fans at RPGsite got their hands on a Steam registry toolkit and cracked open a few files, eventually finding a 'Content Description Record' which lists all the games that are on Valve's servers.

Nestled in the long list of title are Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy VIII content. Both titles have been previously released on the PC and are known for being notoriously shoddy ports that crash computers and break hearts.

Attempts to stabilise them by the Final Fantasy community have been largely unsuccessful so unless Square Enix is planning to pump some money into fixing them it's unlikely they'll show up on Steam as anything other than their current intangible forms.

You never know though, there might be a chance...