Ridge Racer Unbounded: 'We shine in the smaller stuff - cars going through walls'

Bugbear on learning from Blur and Split/Second's mistakes

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You've got a reputation as a PC developer and this is the first Ridge Racer on the platform. Can we expect a fully featured PC version?

I can't comment on any of the specifics of the platform at this point. I think it's super-cool to be working on a PC version as a first for the franchise and I think Namco Bandai is pushing PC versions in general for quite a few games now. I think it's great that the publishers are finally starting to realise - and this is also my opinion - that the PC isn't dying, it's a different audience from the console buyers, it's much more digital and maybe consumers have it sussed.

I'm not sure about the demographics of the PC crowd but I get the feeling that they're still more tech savvy and maybe a little more hardcore. So we'll see what we can offer those guys, but the initial response from the PC block seems to be very positive, they're happy that someone is coming out with a PC arcade racing title - it's been a while. Burnout Paradise was probably the last one.

Have you found a lot of the old Flatout community have rallied around it?

All of the response I've seen from the Bug Bear and Flatout fans has been overwhelmingly positive. They seem to be happy that we're coming out with a game, regardless of the name. They still seem to be around too, I could actually find a match for Ultimate Carnage not too long ago, which strikes me as a weird thing.

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