'New' Infinity Ward has 'something to prove' to skeptics - Activision

Hirshberg assures fans of no loss of quality despite past studio turbulence

Worried how Modern Warfare 3 might turn out after the troubles at Infinity Ward last year? Don't be, says Activision boss Eric Hirshberg, who reckons the "new" Infinity Ward is "the most dazzlingly creative group of people I've ever met in my life".


He also assures fans that the rebuilt team is "an unbelievably talented studio" and that "they've got something to prove" to skeptics, too.

"A lot of the guys working on Modern Warfare 3 are the same guys who worked on Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare," said Hirshberg. "A lot of them are Infinity Ward sort of lifers and have been there from the beginning. ... I only got to work with the new Infinity Ward, and all I can tell you is while they went through a huge transition, and while there was a lot of rebuilding that had to happen and they had to bring in some new talent to replace some of the people that had left, this is one of the most dazzlingly creative group of people I've ever met in my life."

He went on: "And so anyone who tells you, 'This is not the real Infinity Ward' is wrong. This is an unbelievable developer, an unbelievably talented studio... and they've got something to prove, too. I think they've taken a lot of pride in proving the skeptics wrong and so far, the reception ofModern Warfare 3 has been pretty great."

Hirshberg also speaks optimistically of the helping contributions of Sledgehammer. "Because they were going through a rebuilding right in the middle of this development, they welcomed a pretty high octane partner into their creative process. And Sledgehammer truly has treated them as partners, and the game is a reflection of a combined vision between those two studios. ... The game has gotten better because of these two very strong, creative forces working together."

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]