The 6 most important Wii U games so far

Nintendo's most unique upcoming titles...

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We're sticking Tekken in here because it marks the first time ever that the franchise will come to a Nintendo console. We think you'll agree that it's a pretty good name to finally have in the books for Ninty fans.

Beyond that, though, there are a lot of new ideas unique to Tekken on Wii U. Whether they're all good ideas or not, is another question.

We like the idea of putting info and data on the secondary screen in Practice Mode, for example. Being able to play different games on the controller or watch a friend's fight from different angles is also a nice feature.

Being able to hand-draw all over fighters, however, looks a bit like an afterthought shoehorned in for the sake of the tech at the moment. Then there's the world creator; a great idea but, looking at the video below, we can't for the life of us work out why the environments look like they were made on a computer from the 90s.

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The final two games on our list are here not because of their added Wii U quirks but because they're Nintendo exclusives that fans will be overjoyed to see return.


Pikmin 3 comes from the legendary Mr. Miyamoto himself after an eight year wait since Pikmin 2.

The charming strategy series puts you in the space boots of Captain Olimar while you look after your Pikmin as well as working towards an end goal.

Like we say, there's a lack of information on Pikmin 3 altogether (it was hastily announced by Miyamoto towards the end of the Nintendo conference) never mind how it might take advantage of the Wii U. We imagine the screen will come in handy for some more convenient Pikmin management though.

We haven't seen the series since the GameCube and Ninty fans will no doubt be excited at the prospect of seeing a classic return with the power of current gen technology.


Without a doubt the Wii U's biggest hitting game announcement at E3, Super Smash Bros. is a title hardcore gamers have been getting stuck into for years now. It's so popular that there was a noticeable pop during the Nintendo presser when it was revealed as a Wii U title.


Like, Pikmin, absolutely nothing was given away about the next Smash Bros. game but we were told it would be released on both the Wii U and the 3DS. More importantly, Sakurai has said that he want's the two versions to work together.

From discussions surrounding controller support for the Wii U, we know that Nintendo is looking at potentially including the 3DS as a secondary control method and having the handheld and main console work closely more generally.

We're not expecting Super Smash Bros. to come out any time soon but, at the moment, it's the first prospect for 3DS/Wii U integration and will remain one of the most highly anticipated Nintendo titles until its arrival.

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