CVG: Comments of the Week

Amusing words from your mouths...

This week's news - much like most of this month's - has been dominated by hacks, hacks and more hacks. It's all kicking off.

They're hacking game companies, the government and each other. No one is safe!

The 'lulz' coming from the 'Lulz Boat' may be dubious but you fine ladies and gentlemen have been keeping us periodically chuckling throughout the day with your comments.

Here's some of the highlights from this week.

UK CHART: Zelda beaten by Zumba Fitness

Bloody, fat, bints!

kimoak is just angry.

'If I'm only remembered for Gears, I'll shoot myself' - Cliffy B

"if for the rest of my life I am only remembered for a f**king chainsaw gun"
How about a chainsaw gun ON FIRE!?

It can't be done Cyber6x. It simply can't be done.


Look, if we can't do fire BLARRG what makes you think we can do 'lazor beamz'? Whatever they are.

Hey Cliff cheer up. At least you won't be remembered for fist bumping or pronouncing 'Ridge Racer' like an idiot.

There's always someone worse off than you, ey gmcb007?

Barack Obama: 'Turn off the video games and pick up a book

Whats a book do game instruction books count?

I hate books I normally wait for them to come out on blu-ray.

Good technique steve w. That way you know it's a book worth reading. Or watching, rather.

Video games credited for drop in US crime rate

Gaming and Positive news together?

How am I supposed to hate on this CVG? I demand you find a source from Fox/The Daily Mail that disagrees with the study!

We're sorry OriginalJonty, we hath failed you.

Just wait till the Daily Mail get hold of this news story, they'll accidentally misplace the words 'drop' and 'in' from the headline obviously.

They're slippery words dubplate240.

This crime rate drop won't last long though. Not now Obama's telling everyone to read books instead.

If only you were in the White House to point out the implications of Obama's decisions rbt2.

Dammit, news like this is just going to encourage kids to stay in and play video games. Even if they are robbing pensioners and killing each other, at least they're outside getting some fresh air.

You should be ashamed of yourselves CVG.

But fresh air Tao. We were thinking about the fresh air!

Whereabouts in Essex was this computer geek nicked? Was it ROMford?

That was so bad, I'm gonna boo meself....booooooooooooooooooooo.

You were right to boo yourself rbt2.

This is a Gray(s) day for the hacking fraternity......I'm getting these in before El Mag gets a chance.

Bastard hard getting a pun from this though. Why couldn't this prick have gotten nicked in Turkey like the rest of 'em?

Stop it rbt2! We're not encouraging more puns, not after last week. We need a break!

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