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Borderlands 2: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Borderlands has become a steady favourite among gamers. It may not be one of the biggest selling FPS titles like Battlefield or COD, and it might not leave people pouring over plot-lines like Metal Gear or Mass Effect.

But what it does do is fun. More specifically, gun fun. The fantastic ability to throw hundreds of different guns into your holster combines with a quirky post-apocalyptic charm to leave us constantly compelled.

So compelled, in fact, we're gagging for a sequel. Gearbox drops the occasional tease, but nothing's been confirmed yet. But if/when it is, here's what we'd like to see included...



We don't want to sound ungrateful, it's not like Borderlands didn't provide enough guns.

In fact, Borderlands came with more guns than any other FPS a thousand times over thanks to its randomising mechanics. That was the main reason we all loved it so much.

It's just, with all the different detachable and interchangeable bits and bobs the game treated itself, we'd like to have a go at making a fire arm or two ourselves.

A sizeable chunk of the Borderlands fan base was doing it on PC anyway with the help of homebrew kits, so it's not too far fetched to assume Gearbox could quite easily implement similar systems in the sequel.

We think it'd be great to see what the masses came up with if they were given the freedom to build a gun made up of loads of interchangeable parts. Borderlands was already content rich as far as firearm components are concerned. We're not saying we need more bits of metal, just the tools to play with them.


Although Borderlands was more about cooperating than competing, its duelling mechanic - for those that just had to have a fight - was a pleasant addition.

The only problem was that the one-on-one battles didn't mean much because the winner came away with nothing but a morsel of pride. In a world where we are feverishly fumbling after trophies we can't actually touch, pride is pretty much worthless to gamers. We need something we can gloat with.

That's why we think Gearbox should up the anti in Borderlands 2 by putting a proper betting system in place.

We'd like a system where you could each put a little bit of currency into a pot before a fight but even better would be the ability to put weapons on the line. Considering the massive variation in weapons created on the fly, players would often come across firearms that their mates would never see in their Borderlands career.


If you spy a chap packing a piece you like the look of then, with a weapon betting system, you'd be able to fight him for it. That is if he thinks your gun is worth the risk, of course.


The original got a gesture of vehicular gameplay but with Borderlands 2 we want to see it all taken further.

We want a wider variety of travelling options used in more creative ways and, of course, upping the ante as far as vehicular combat is concerned is always welcome.

Harking back to one of our earlier ideas, though, we have a possible solution that could improve the vehicle offering of Borderlands at least three-fold. If we're going to demand a build-your-own-blaster feature, could we not also politely press for a build-your-own-buggy?

It's ambitious, sure, more ambitious than the gun creator perhaps but we have faith in Gearbox.

If allowing players to create their own vehicles is too much of a tall order (and it probably is) we'd like to see the random gun generating engine of the original Borderlands extended to vehicles.

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