Microsoft sceptical of PS Vita success

Xbox COO Dennis Durkin casts doubts on Sony's new portable

Microsoft's Xbox COO Dennis Durkin is skeptical of Sony's decision to release a new handheld, the PlayStation Vita, in the current market.


"I'm not sure I would want to be launching a dedicated portable device right now into that market," he told Industry Gamers in a recent interview.

I think the DS - if you look at the 3DS, certainly versus people's expectation's it's not been as successful as people would have thought. So that's a very crowded market and a very, very red ocean right now with a lot of change happening. So I'm not sure it's [a good idea]," he went on.

"You only have a certain number of bets you can make as a company and you have to decide what you want to put your wood behind and I'm just not sure that that's a place that I would put mine."

This mirrors the notions of id Software's John Carmack, who also recently said, "I wouldn't want to be the executive making the decision to launch a new portable gaming machine in the post-smartphone world," before saying Vita's currently impressive hardware is "going to look pretty pokey" in a year or two after launch.

Sony America boss Jack Tretton has dismissed the notion that the phenomenal popularity of smartphone gaming poses a threat the firm's new handheld console.

A senior retail source very close to SCE told CVG last week that Sony is weighing up a January or February launch date for the system in UK, while targeting a pre-Christmas release in US.

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]