Battlefield 3 co-op: 10 maps, 2 players

DICE drops tiny details in PSM3 mag

Battlefield 3's standalone co-op mode will feature 10 maps for two players, it's been confirmed.


The latest tiny details on the co-op mode, which is a possible equivalent to Call of Duty's own Spec Ops component, were confirmed in the latest issue of PSM3 UK magazine, which is in the shops now.

In the mag's exclusive ten-page hands-on preview, executive producer Patrick Bach says Battlefield 3 is the game every shooter fans "claims they want".

He said: "Something I hear a lot from people who haven't actually played Battlefield is that they'd love a modern day, first-person shooter with everything you have in other games, but with vehicles and proper destruction.

"They say, 'that would be awesome!' In other words, this is the game everyone claims they want..."

In the same interview the DICE man told PSM3 EA and Activision aren't even "competing at the same sport".

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