Nintendo changed Zelda Master Quest to make it 'more formidable'

Aonuma on the new 3DS Master Quest

Eiji Aonuma said that a desire to make Ocarina Of Time 3D more "formidable" was behind the decision to adjust The Master Quest for the remake of the classic N64 adventure.

The Master Quest was released for GameCube in 2003 as a bonus for those who pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

This remixed version of the original game is also included Ocarina Of Time 3D, but developer Grezzo has made it even tougher this time around and Aonuma, producer of the original game, has explained why during the latest Iwata Asks discussion.

"People who play the Master Quest are looking for something formidable," said Aonuma. "But I didn't think it would be that challenging if it were the same as in the original, so Link takes double damage."


"The world of the Master Quest is a mirror reflection of the main game, so if you go somewhere thinking you've already figured it out once so it'll be easy, you might be out of the game simply by falling off a cliff! You're like, 'What?! That's a game over?!'"

He added: "You can clear a lot of games today just playing them casually, so it feels nice to have to go back and heal before a boss battle. The Master Quest is extremely tense and rewarding."

In the same Iwata Asks discussion, Grezzo revealed that Ocarina Of Time N64 bugs were deliberately left in the 3DS version.

[ SOURCE: Iwata Aks ]