Duke Nukem Forever review average drops below 50

Time for duke to stick to chewing gum?

He put up a decent fight but even Duke hasn't been able to stand strong against the barrage of criticism thrown at him since the release of Duke Nukem Forever. After hovering around the half way mark, the 2K published shooter's review average has finally dropped below 50.


Critics haven't been kind to the old fella, with the majority of reviews pegging his latest outing as somewhere between a middling, archaic shooter to an outright flaming turd.

In our review we gave it a 5.9, saying it's "not even vaguely amusing" and has "poor console graphics and load-times"... an "interesting game that's too-often a dog-egg to actually play".

Edge didn't think too much of it either, awarding it 3/10. The mag said it's only worth playing "so you can gain some insight into a torturous 14 year development project quite like no other".

The drop in average has reduced it from a "Mixed or Average" review ranking down to "Generally Unfavourable" on the Xbox 360. It's probably not much of a consolation but the PS3 and PC averages still sit at 54. For now.

We're looking forward to hearing what Mac gamers think of it when it's released for Apple's OS in August.

[ SOURCE: Metacritic ]