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Uncharted 3: Has Naughty Dog invented cinematic multiplayer?

Hands-on with a new style of online gaming...

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Perhaps most significantly of all, Uncharted 3 now features a deep customisation system. Character models have hundreds of swappable parts (we rocked a daring gasmask and white gloves combo) and players can create and save up to four weapon and booster loadouts.

In the time we had playing Uncharted 3 we could only scratch the surface, but the integration of the character-building menus with the lobby system was impressively smooth and intuitive.

On top of all the gameplay-shifting stuff there are some shiny toys and tricks too. The multiplayer game is entirely playable in 3D (3D as impressive as anything seen so far on PS3, Killzone included) and the game features Facebook integration - which means you can invite Facebook friends who aren't even on your PSN list into matches.

It's a natural progression from the last game's Twitter fiddling, and more evidence of Naughty Dog's smart, ahead-of-the-curve thinking. The same thinking that looks set to make Uncharted 3 the must-play online title this Christmas.

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