World of Warcraft goes free... up to level 20

Burning Crusade expansion now free to all owners

Blizzard has announced a new trial account system that removes the time limitations of the current free trial accounts.


New players considering allowing Blizzard's MMO to suck up their lives will be able to play unrestricted up to level 20 before the game starts asking for cash.

After that you can choose to ditch your character and all that hard work, or cough up $20 and get the full game along with the Burning Crusade expansion which ups your level cap to 70 and opens Outlands, and the Blood Elf and Draenei races.

The firm has also decided to make the Burning Crusade expansion completely free to everyone who has the game and hasn't already bought it. Sorry, dedicated fans, no compensation for you. This is clearly for the new folk.

Is this a move by Blizzard to tighten its grip on the MMO scene before the BioWare's impressive-looking Star Wars: The Old Republic threatens to ruin its dominance?

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]