Movie giants sue BT in fight against online piracy

First of its kind case brought against Britain's biggest internet service provider

Major Hollywood film studios have launched legal action against BT in a new assault on online piracy that will have gaming content creators pricking up their ears.

In a UK legal first, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) - which represents the likes of 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. - has asked a judge to force the telecoms giant to disable access to the Newzbin website, which hosts links to pirated versions of popular movies for its 700,000 members.


The MPA alleges that Newzbin is guilty of copyright infringements that have contributed to "huge losses" for film industry, AFP reports.

The MPA won a court battle last year that resulted in Newzbin being taken offline, but it subsequently relaunched under the name Newzbin2 and is run by anonymous operators.

BT is fighting the MPA's call for an injunction, arguing there's no jurisdiction for the court to make the order.

UK interactive entertainment body UKIE said in January that the domestic games industry lost at least £1.45 billion to software piracy in 2010.