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Call of Duty takes on Blizzcon with 2-day event

Call of Duty XP 2011 promises 'total COD immersion'

Activision has announced a two-day Blzzcon-style Call of Duty convention, to be hosted in the US on September 2 and 3.


Taking over a "secure 12 acre compound in the urban confines of Los Angeles," attendees will be given the first look at the multiplayer component of Modern Warfare 3, the "full feature functionality" of Call of Duty Elite and take part in a $1 million COD tournament sponsored by Activision and Xbox 360.

6,000 tickets will be made available on July 19 at $150 a pop.

"Call of Duty XP is going to be the ultimate fan experience for Call of Duty fans. A two day, immersive live event for fans of Call of Duty," Activision's CEO Eric Hirshberg told Joystiq.

"We think it's going to set a new bar for experiential live fan-based events."

100 percent of the ticket sales will go to the Call of Duty Endowment, the non-profit organization founded by Activision to help place veterans returning home into jobs. Hirshberg said that the event is not only about "raising money for a very good cause" but "it's also to give back to the fans."

As far as that secure compound is concerned, COD players should feel right at home the moment they step inside:

"We are constructing a full-scale replica of one of our multiplayer maps as a paintball stadium for fans," Hirshberg added. "We're reconstructing the legendary level from Modern Warfare 2, The Pit, which fans can actually run. You'll be able to eat at Burger Town from Modern Warfare 2."

While there isn't a formal schedule for proceedings just yet, it seems like standard fare as far as conventions are concerned:

"We're going to have keynote speeches, press conferences, panels with all of the key developers, and the ability to get to the know the developers up close and personal," Hirshberg explained. "Obviously we're going to shine a big spotlight on our developers at this event.

"We can really reach out to millions of people if they're interested, millions of fans worldwide, who can feel like they're there," Hirshberg continued.

"Obviously they won't be having the same experience as the people who are there, but it will be a pretty good approximation of the live event, experiencing it through social media, through constant updates, through interviews, through photos, it will be like you're there."

Activision's described the Call of Duty following as 'the best online community in the world', suggesting that Call of Duty Elite will reward such greatness.

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[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]