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PS Vita facial recognition tech demo video

Sony shows off future tech, blinks a lot

Internet chat gave the world 'Lol' and the smiley face ':-)'. Could the 'ultra-blink' or 'cyber seizure' be the next-gen byproduct of internet communication?


Sony has showed off the work it's doing with facial recognition in Tokyo this week. As you'll see in the video below, it demos the tech by having two people engage in conversation using their avatars - cartoony animals whose faces impressively mimic not just the head movements but the smiles and blinks of the human they represent.

This tech is apparently in the pipeline for use in the PlayStation Vita - Sony's new handheld - which features a front-facing camera.

But it looks like Sony will need to iron out problems with eyelid recognition before it's ready for retail. Unless it's happy with everyone looking like they're having a cyber seizure.

Close Close

A senior retail source very close to SCE told CVG last week that Sony is weighing up a January or February launch date for PS Vita in UK, while targeting a pre-Christmas release in US.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]