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Video: Pole-dancing Tomb Raider students prove popular

Cosplay pair top Bristol Amateur competition

Two pole-dancing Tomb Raider fanatics took first place at a U.K. Amateur Pole Performer competition in Bristol, thanks to a routine based on their beloved heroine.


"Emy and Bex" both attend the University of Bristol and will now go on to represent their city at the UKAPP finals in September.

Emy in particular is a woman after our own hearts. Not only does she have skills that rival our own when it comes to the silver pole, but she's a massive Tomb Raider fan.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tomb Raider games," she told Stella's Tomb Raider Blog. "I have merchandise, DIY costumes, the Anniversary costume, posters, figures, all the games..."

"It was the early Tomb Raider games that got me into computers in the first place when I was little! I even live near Wimbledon, and Lara's character history says she went to Wimbledon High School, a partner school of the one I went to.

"Even now, I play through the original games to pass time when I'm bored. This year alone I've played TR 2, 3, and Last Revelation... Probably should have been doing coursework though...


"Bex and I decided to enter UKAPP as a double act but we couldn't think of a theme. She knew I loved Tomb Raider and she does too. So as soon as she suggested it my eyes lit up and we both knew it was the right theme for us! She even dyed her hair from very light peroxide blonde to dark brown for the occasion... That's dedication!"

If you watch the video and soak in the photographs below, you'll see the bendy BFFs pulling off taxing moves such as the twisted grip Straight Edge, the thigh hold and the no-handed Superman.

We'd like to see them try the CVG 360 Jaw Grip. It's a move we've perfected over many a lunch time and involves grabbing the pole with nothing put your teeth and getting a mate to spin you round.

Of course, Lara Croft is known for her intense strength and agility but the most recent imagining of the heroine plays down the sex appeal. Lara is more of a vulnerable survivor in the Tomb Raider reboot than a buxom ball-buster.

Now watch the video:

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[ SOURCE: Stella's Tomb Raider Blog ]