Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3DS review round-up

Should it have been a full-priced retail release?

Capcom's Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D zombie shuffles its way into stores today and we've risked life and limb (not really) scarpering around the net to bring you a review round-up before you decide to fork out your hard earned cash.


First to the plate is Official Nintendo Magazine, which gives Mercs 85% in its review, describing it as "a brilliant and bloody rampage through recent Resi environments" that "does a fantastic job of reminding us that 3DS can do survival horror".

GamesRadar isn't as enthused as ONM, giving it a 6/10 score. It says "Mercenaries 3D is a perfectly fine game", it's "underlying mechanics are a lot of fun and the new characters, maps and Skill system make it a more robust offering than anything that's been on a console". However, "these additions don't justify the hefty pricetag", especially "with no online leaderboards to spur further playing". The "insubstantial" Resident Evil Revelations demo doesn't do much to make up for those deficiencies either.

NintendoLife goes with a 7/10 score, saying "Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D entertains with its brand of fast-flowing action, constant stream of unlockables and captivating co-op gameplay". On the other hand, it does have "occasionally rough visuals and a save system that is destined to ensure that second-hand copies are, to some, practically worthless". Ultimately, "unless you're keen on repeatedly playing levels to boost your overall rating, you may tire of the game quite swiftly".

IGN's 6.5/10 review says: "Despite its considerable flaws, at its core, Mercenaries is a ton of fun", and the "the core combat mechanics and thrilling atmosphere make for a very addicting experience". But "the fact that this game costs $40 is a frustrating proposition", even more so considering the "persistent frame rate issues and very little depth".

GameTrailers' stinging 6.4/10 review reads: "There's not quite enough meat on this bone to satisfy the appetites of starved 3DS owners, so resist the temptation to bite. Capcom's certainly capable of delivering a better game than this quick and dirty rush job".

The game gets 3/5 at GamePro, which says it "looks about as good as Resident Evil 5" and is "one of the better co-op experiences on the 3DS", but also that "it's over before you know it, it's mostly recycled content" and the "music is ha-rrible".

Destructoid also goes with a middling review score, giving it 6/10 and saying: "Despite its shortcomings, The Mercenaries 3D isn't an entirely horrendous experience, there's quite a bit of fun to be had here". But here's the caveat: "It's simply a shame that this full-priced retail title based on a bonus mini-game still feels like, well, a bonus mini-game."

GiantBomb went with 2/5, summarising by saying "even the most devoted fans of the Mercenaries mode from the modern Resident Evil games will be ill-served by this insubstantial and expensive cash-in", while 1UP gave it a D grade, saying "there is some fun to be found in The Mercenaries 3D; and if you find someone else unfortunate enough to have also bought this game you can always try the game's co-op mode at whatever support group you plan to attend together".