CVG's Site Of The Week: unikGamer

Another one of our favourites...

Last week we added God Is A Geek to our shine to all that is great in the world of online games coverage.


This week we're moving a way from the journalistic world of news, reviews and previews to something quite different entirely.

unikGamer is all about gaming stats, ranks and numbered lists. By setting up a profile and voting like crazy, users can influence all kinds of rankings from Top Games of 2010 to the Top Game Boy Advance Games.

Of course the fun is being part of a much wider network so that you can see exactly how the gaming community votes across a myriad of different categories.

We sat down with unikGamer's founder Pape Badiane to learn more:

What sets unikGamer apart from other sites?

unikGamer is a website about ranking videogames. Every gamer gets a voice by ranking his/her own Top 25 favorite games of all time list.

Each of these lists are combined into a huge master list that updates every half hour.

Members can also keep track of which games they played and enjoyed the most by year, genre, systems, generations (of consoles), decades, most wanted and more by making various Top 10s, Top 15s or Top 20s.

Another unique and fun thing to do is to check out the results of each list and use demographic filters by gender, age and location to see how different those top lists are. Each list that you participate in is independent from one another.

And finally, once you've made your own lists, you can also see the 30 gamers with the closest gaming taste to yours and check out what other games they've played.

You can see it as a glorified popularity contest, but very well organized.

What would you say you specialize in?

The answer is simple: Ranking our favourite games!

Most gamers love to read and argue about lists; Our community propose just that and give you the tools to build up many lists depending on the type of gamer you are.

unikGamer is still in its infancy (1 year old in august) and aims to be the definitive place to rank games.

Other community features will come along but the main focus of the site will be to find fun ways to express our satisfaction for the games we enjoy and share that with other gamers.

What do you have planned for the future?

So far, unikGamer has 2,500+ people in its ranks. Among them, we have a few developers and gaming journalists and hope to have many more in the coming months.

Our next step in the near future will be to build up a game character database, so we'll be able to make Top lists based on them. Many members are very enthusiast about it and are already willing to help.

I always wished for the community to shape unikGamer how they see fit and the list of suggestions is exceeding our expectations. There are only two of us working on the site in our spare time but I hope that we'll be able to implement every suggestion that has already been thrown around. With that, we could really have a fun site for gamers.