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Fixing PES 'would be an honour,' says FIFA boss

But I'm not going anywhere, comments producer

EA Sports producer David Rutter, the man credited with transforming FIFA into the footy force it is today, says it'd be an honour to do the same for rival series Pro Evolution Soccer - but he's not going anywhere.


Speaking to trade mag MCV in its latest issue, Rutter said:

"I would be very honoured to be asked [to join the PES team]. But my roots are very much in the EA Sports culture in Vancouver and being surrounded by that amazing team of people and everything we do there.

"So I have no intention of going anywhere else... unless the Canadian government kicks me out for being British."

Konami's seemingly being less gentle with its words these days, claiming earlier this week it's going to smash FIFA's gameplay with PES 2012.

"If you want pure gameplay, I think we'll smash them this year," PES Team Leader Jon Murphy told CVG. "We've got so many things going for us, but just the lightness of touch and the way the players move independently is fantastic. You notice it instantly."

FIFA 12's out in Europe on September 30.