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Bethesda still open to acquiring 'smart' developers

"We'll continue to make the kind of games we want," says Hines

Bethesda says it's still open to working with and possibly acquiring "smart developers" that share a "common development philosophy".


That's according to VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines, who told trade mag MCV that Bethesda's acquisition of developers such as id Software and Shinji Mikami's Tango happened because it "made sense" for both parties.

"[Our] goals was to build up our internal development capacity. We look to find and work with studios that share a common development philosophy," he told MCV.

"Sometimes that ends up in us doing a development deal like the one we are doing with Human Head, and sometimes that escalates and goes all the way to an acquisition like we have done with id, Arcane, Machine Games and Tango. It depends to the extent to which that partnership makes sense to take further.

"In terms of the studios we've acquired, they were all opportunities where both the developer and we felt like that becoming part of Bethesda as an internal studio made more sense in the long-term than operating as two separate things," he added.

"We'll continue to look to work with smart developers to make the kind of games we want, whether that is just a publishing deal or an acquisition."

In the same interview Hines said Bethesda will bring its core titles to the Nintendo Wii U and PS Vita if the tech is powerful enough.