Halo 4: Doomed from the start?

Debate: Is Bungie the toughest act to follow in gaming?

With the announcement of not only a fourth Halo at E3 but the beginning of a brand new trilogy for the franchise, the future of Microsoft's sensational series is secure.


Or is it? Halo has barely put a foot wrong in its entire lifespan, which is a big deal when it comes to the world of games where consistency is a rare quality, but something's changed.

Bungie, the legendary studio behind Halo has relinquished the series to move on to new pastures and Microsoft has given the keys to 343, a studio freshly formed to continue the legacy.

While 343 is now in control of one of gaming's greatest names, it's also following one of its greatest acts as it starts to tinker with one of its most precious intellectual properties. It's certainly not a job we'd like to be given, not least because we've little development experience.

With the popularity of both Bungie and Halo in mind then, and the history and quality 343 has to live up to, is there any chance that Halo 4 can bring anything but slight disappointment to fans?

We don't want to be pessimistic - we hope 343 knock it out of the park - but much like remaking a classic film or covering a classic song, the odds surely have to be against the new studio simply because of the shadow it's sitting in.

Of course, a different take on Halo doesn't necessarily mean we'll get something worse. Microsoft has admitted that 343's Halo won't feel the same for hardcore fans but we know there are some you that are ready for change.

Microsoft is confident about Halo without Bungie but are you? Are you looking forward to a fresh start or will the series never be the same? Do you believe that 343 has the ability to follow Bungie or is Halo 4 doomed from the start?