Battlefield 3: 'We're honestly not going after Call of Duty'

Producer insists EA's game needs to "play our own songs"

Battlefield 3's exec producer Patrick Bach has insisted DICE isn't out to knock Call of Duty off its throne with its stunning FPS rival.


Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, which is arriving with subscribers now and features an 8-page Wii U cover feature, Bach argues that the Battlefield series needs to carve its own path in order to be a genre "star".

"Honestly, we're not trying to go after CoD," he told Edge. "Of course there will be crossover - it's a first-person shooter, it's modern-day, and there are resemblances on locations, even - we're all inspired by the same media and the world around us.

"But to be a star you need to play your own songs," he concluded.

Bach's comments mirror those made in an earlier interview with PSM3, in which he told the mag EA and Activision aren't even "competing at the same sport".

"We have so many things in our game that aren't a part of Modern Warfare, so it really comes down to personal preference. You choose based on the depth you want, the maturity level, your own personal taste... it's all about how you get your fix," he said.

However, EA CEO John Riccitiello might not agree, having said earlier this year that Battlefield 3 is "designed to take [Call of Duty] down".

EA showed off Battlefield 3 on console for the first time last month.

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