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Video Analysis: A closer look at the Cat and the Bat

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As the demo progresses we glimpse a few more locations, including The Stacked Deck, a bar that features in Batman The Animated Series numerous times as a meeting place for various Batman rogues.

You'll also notice that, as he's talking to Alfred over his comm-link, Batman is standing on top of Ace Chemicals, the plant where the Joker got his clownish complexion.

Batman dives into action, dipping in his glide to gain momentum before swooping up to get some altitude. This technique and use of the Bat-Claw mid flight will be your main mode of transport.


Bats comes across some trouble and perches high up to assess the situation. Using some fancy new face-scanning technology he identifies a thug as one of Riddler's men and highlights him, singling him out for interrogation later.

This is how players will be assisted in locating Riddler trophies in Arkham City, rather than using maps they'll use scared in-mates. More efficient.

You'll also notice how, during battle, Batman can use the Claw to drag henchment towards him or disarm them. Throwing multiple Batarangs at a time is also integrated into the combat system.

In a later brawl, Batman appears to set off a small explosive near a goon's feet as he approached. We don't know how this will work because we didn't even see Batman plant the bomb. But then we suppose we wouldn't - he's Batman.


Also in the combat cannon is a good old chair throw, which we're sure to have fun with. It's preceded by a pretty mean chair catch as well. Nice.

The essentials of Arkham City, of course, remain the same. The tweaks seem minor but significant - Bats can jump now, for example, and apparently cling to the sides of buildings as well, as you'll notice briefly. Ultimately, the biggest change seems to be the setting which, as you can see throughout the gameplay, looks like a stunning place to explore.

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