Batman Arkham City: Latest gameplay - Dissected

Video Analysis: A closer look at the Cat and the Bat

There was plenty of new Batman: Arkham City gameplay footage scattered throughout E3 last month and now Warner has stitched it all together into one 12 minute long section.

The new video features in-game footage starring both Catwoman and The Batman himself. There's nothing new as such - The Catwoman footage was released separately during E3 and we covered the Batman section in a preview back in March - but now that it's been released proper we can have a good old pick at it.


Two-Face is the villain at the centre of this sequence and you can see throughout how much attention Rocksteady has paid attention to Harvey Dent's fetish with duality. Everything is somehow split in two, from the colour of the stairs in the court house that Two Face has claimed his own, to the masks his goons wear, to this more subtle example; a picture of Cain and Abel depicting "The duality of man".

Playing as Catwoman at this point, the player has come to steal from Dent and must, of course, go through his goons first. You can tell that the fighting system for Selina Kyle works just as it did for Bats the first time, but she has her own more feline moveset.


She also has a whip, which can be neatly integrated into her combos. Batman has an equivalent in his Bat-Claw this time, which can also be used to hassle enemies during a fight much more dynamically than in Arkham Asylum.

Another strange similarity Catwoman has to The Dark Knight is the way Bats flutter around her during certain moves. This was used to indicate a certain landmark in ass-kickery in Asylum for Batman. We suppose a flurry of kittens wouldn't quite have the same effect.


Catwoman cleans up and gets her paws on what she came for, a sim card that seems to contain a map targeting Gotham's Park Row. That's probably better known to most people as Crime Alley, where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered.

It's incredibly strange that Two Face should be holding on to something containing Batman's birth place and even stranger that Catwoman should be trying to steal it. Then again, in the first Arkham City trailer released, new villain Hugo Strange revealed that he knew Batman's identity.

We're officially confused. Why would these two villains be so precious over the location of the Wayne tragedy if they didn't already know its significance? Perhaps they do, although we hope they don't. Either way, Hugo Strange is clearly unraveling some higher scheme here.

Onto Batman and as we stand on the roof top with him in this first shot we get a good look at the surrounding city.


The first thing to note, as we've pointed out before, is The Monarch Theatre, the venue Bruce and his parents left before they were attacked, which adds to the idea that Crime Alley is going to play a very significant role in the sequel.

The second is the abundance of Riddler question marks seemingly painted around the city in the distance. We don't think they can all be Riddler clues because they don't look like the trophies we're used to (and will see later) and, well, they aren't very well hidden.

We also get a good look at Batman's weapon wheel, which is still fully stocked from last time. However, the Crytographic Sequencer has had an upgrade allowing it to intercept radio frequencies.

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