Halo: CE Anniversary dev: PC version 'wouldn't be a surprise'

"It's not something that's happening at the moment," but Saber thinks it could be on the cards

Matthew Karch, CEO of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary developer Saber Interactive, "wouldn't be surprised" to see a PC version of the game at some point.


According to the latest issue of Edge, the studio's proprietary Saber3D engine boasts advanced graphical features included in Anniversary - and Namco's gravity switching shooter Inversion, for that matter - that are currently switch off.

When asked if a PC version of Anniversary is on the cards, Karch told the mag: "It's not something that's happening at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

"One of the reasons Microsoft decided to work with us is because the tech was strong, and this game's a lot about execution," he added. "And as we work more with those guys we see a lot of opportunities, and I hope they do, too. We've had a lot of positive press. This is how remakes should be done. We've put as much effort into it as a full game."

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary "takes the past and makes it better", according to Dan Ayoub, executive producer at Microsoft's 343 Industries. The HD update's cool sounding 'Classic Mode' allows you, at the touch of a button anywhere in the campaign, to toggle between new and old graphics on the fly to compare the remake with the original. Both versions are being rendered by Saber3D, while Bungie's game logic runs underneath.

Microsoft has confirmed a £34.99 / $40 estimated retail price for Halo Anniversary, which it insists is "not a cash grab" opportunity.

It was revealed last month that the game will feature Kinect support, which Microsoft has promised "will not affect the core gameplay experience or alter our mission of delivering a faithful recreation of the original game".

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