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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The First 10 Hours (Pt. 1)

A comprehensive preview of the opening hours...

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Jensen ventures deeper into the plant, learning a thing or two about bypassing security cameras along the way. He finds a Praxis kit - gold dust in Human Revolution's world. Earning a single Praxis point through the usual Experience method means a lot of exploring, sneaking, and hard work. A Praxis kit is an instant level up. Jensen opts for a battery upgrade - not sexy, but it's an extra takedown when he needs it most, or a few extra seconds of optical camouflage when he buys that augmentation later in the game.

Jensen walks in on an antiaug terrorist hooked up to Sarif's computer systems via a set of skull augmentations of his own. Wait. What? Before Jensen can act, the hacker shoots himself in the head. With the Typhoon system secured , Jensen is ordered onwards to the plant's offices where he meets Sanders, who is holding a gun to Josie Thorpe's head.

Knowing it could go bad, Jensen talks Sanders down. He appeals to Sanders' honour as a former veteran, and when Sanders insults him he hits back hard - crushing the terrorist leader and calling him a fool. Sanders' group had been infiltrated by an augmented agent and that agent was counting on Sanders' death. Conversational warfare is frequent in Human Revolution. People shift between Alpha patterns - confident with the strength to back it up, Beta patterns (weak and they know it), and Omega (all talk and bluster without anything to back up their big words).


The right aug will reveal the most appropriate responses, but it's early days and Jensen doesn't have it. Instead, he watches the man's eyes and body language, and puts Sanders down when he gets uppity. The former soldier knows he's been played for a fool and escapes, leaving Josie alive and in Jensen's custody. All in all it was a quick and neat mission.

Sarif , being precisely as pissed off as a man who's just had his employees taken hostage has every right to be, takes it out on Jensen and demands to know why he let Sanders go.

Options open, Jensen takes charge. He explains the bigger conspiracy, and that Sanders is their only lead to who was behind the attack on Milwaukee Junction. Not so, says Sarif - the body of the suicidal hacker has been locked down in the police station's morgue and Pritchard needs to take a look inside his head. Jensen's old police contacts from his time on the force might open some doors, suggests the boss. And if they don't? Jensen will just have to use his imagination.

The first of Human Revolution's hub-like maps, Detroit is a huge space and dense with side-quests and secrets. Jensen's first job is a visit to the LIMB - Liberty in Mind and Body - augmentation clinic to cash in his employer's donation and retrieve another free Praxis kit. The staff are amazed Jensen hasn't yet required Neuropozine to handle his augs.

Megan claims her discovery - augmentation without Neuropozine - was made with the help of a Patient X. Patient X is a 32-year-old male whose file is listed at Sarif HQ under AJ09-0921. 'AJ' as in Adam Jensen? You'll have to wait until later for that twist, but it seems almost too big a hint for our liking. We predict a twist within a twist in the endgame.


Jensen cuts through the subway and heads north to the police station along Grand River Drive. Police officer and professional hard-luck case Wayne Haas meets Jensen at the front desk and a heated conversation ensues. Haas blames Jensen for his current position - from high-ranking SWAT to desk-jockey thanks to one accident. Haas shot and killed a fifteen year-old boy - a shot Jensen refused to take, walking out on the SWAT team and his job rather than pull the trigger. Jensen crushes Haas, but it's more than the broken man can take.

He knows Jensen is right but hates him for it, and tells Jensen he'll receive no favours. Jensen needs a new way in, so he heads outside and looks for a way around the back.

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