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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The First 10 Hours (Pt. 2)

A comprehensive preview of the opening hours...

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He eventually returns to the Chiron building and plugs the hacker's neural hub into his own computer. Pritchard, still being a dick, connects and studies the hardware. He reacts with horror - it's a standard military-grade neural hub out of China, but modified on the black market to allow for remote control. The hacker was a puppet, operated from afar - literally a human proxy, under the control of a distant operator.

Pritch could determine more if there wasn't so much signal interference, so Jensen once again ventures into DRB territory to chase down the jammer. He learns Zeke Sanders is trying to make contact with him on the far south of Detroit, but Sanders will have to wait.

Jensen sneaks into Derelict Row and climbs an elevator shaft to the tenement's radio mast. On the way he defuses a few frag mines and saves them for later, before hacking the mast and getting picked up by Malik straight from the tower's roof. Jensen's on his way to where the hacker was being 'driven' from - an abandoned factory in Motor City Bangers' territory. It's a dedicated map off the main hub, so it's loading time. We'll be right back.


Faridah and Jensen land in MCB territory. From a window he watches trucks shipping out, soldiers on patrol, and the mercenaries who attacked Sarif's headquarters.

Jensen tells Faridah to clear out and shoots down her suggestion of calling for backup. The mercs are clearing out their base of operations and he needs to act fast. Jensen's actions in the police station - securing the hub before the mercs could collect the body for themselves - has forced their hand and they're on the move.

Jensen sneaks into the abandoned factory, stacking boxes to climb a fence and sneaking past a sniper on the way in. He enters the service elevator and heads underground where he learns the truth - this is a FEMA internment camp run by the US government, on loan to the mercenaries. On its way down the elevator passes a massive four-legged mech. Let's hope Jensen doesn't have to fight one of those, eh?

The lift stops and Jensen steps out, and a metal packing crate transforms into twelve feet of walking, talking, rocket-launching robot. Shit. Stealth would make sense here; Jensen has the augmentations for it, after all. But these are the guys who attacked Sarif Industries, killed Megan, and broke Jensen's back.

They're the reason Jensen is more machine than man and the reason he's short of a fair few dozen friends. The next half hour is a blur of explosions and shotgun fire. The mech meets its demise on the end of a rocket launcher, security cameras are blasted off walls and mercenaries are shotgunned off balconies. Always running low on ammo, Jensen changes his weapon half a dozen times - discarding weapons so he can squeeze new ones into his inventory - from assault rifles to shotguns to automatic pistols to revolvers to tasers, to the PEPS gun to stun, gas, and frag grenades.


There was a mounted turret in there somewhere, and a bunch of guys who walked into the sharp end of Jensen's sword, and by the time it's all over Jensen is the only man left standing. He descends to the facility's lowest level and pretty much immediately smells a meaty boss fight coming on.

It's empty down here. Mechs in convenient portable box form are stacked floor-to-ceiling in a near pitchblack warehouse. It's empty, quiet, and eerily reminiscent of a Metal Gear Solid boss fight setup. Sure enough when Jensen turns a corner he's face to face with Barrett and his transforming minigun arm. Death and reloading ensues until Jensen remembers the mines he confiscated from the DRBs and the three Praxis points he's been saving up for just such a special occasion.

It's time to upgrade the Typhoon. About damned time. Jensen tosses a mine at Barrett's feet, stunning him with the blast. As the big man staggers about, Jensen rushes him and activates the Typhoon, and... Everything. Stops.

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