Kojima praises LA Noire tech - but his next game won't use it

MotionScan will "change the direction of adventure games," says MGS man

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has praised LA Noire's innovative MotionScan capture technology, calling the facial animation feature "a huge element that from now on will change the direction of adventure games."


Speaking in an interview with Edge at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona, Kojima was full of praise for Team Bondi's technology - but said he still won't be using it in his next game.

"I'm very interested in [LA Noire], and I'm waiting for it to be released in Japanese," he said. "I haven't played it yet but I was able to go to the studio where they were [performing the facial capture].

"The technology is absolutely fantastic," he added. "Nevertheless, for the next game I want to make, it isn't necessarily the technology I need, so I don't think it goes along with the next game I would like to create."

With the Metal Gear series' gargantuan cut-scenes, you'd have thought Kojima would've been first in the queue to licence MotionScan for use in his next project. However, the Konami digital entertainment VP says he still thinks it's changed the direction of the genre.

"This technology, regarding facial expressions - that affect the outcome of the game - I think that's a huge element that from now on will change the direction of adventure games," he explained.

Kojima was in Barcelona to accept a Lifetime Achievement honour at the awards ceremony for the Spanish game industry, hosted in conjunction with the Gamelab conference. The MGS man consulted on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, created by Madrid-based studio Mercury Steam.