Battlefield 3 single-player won't take away from MP

'We're just making the product bigger," says executive producer Patrick Bach

With Battlefield 3, people who like multiplayer will get a huge multiplayer game. People who like single-player will get a quality campaign. Neither will take away from the other.


That's the message from DICE's executive producer Patrick Bach, who promises the game will cater to the two often very separate parties without sacrificing the quality of either.

"Most people that hate singleplayer are the ones that love multiplayer. That's fine - you don't have to play it," he told Edge.

"We want the product to cater for the people who do like singleplayer and also the people who like multiplayer - and we are adding co-op, too - trying to fill the gaps all the way from the hardcore full-on Conquest mode, to the narrative-driven singleplayer.

"People just have to understand that we aren't taking people away from one thing or the other. We're just making the product bigger."

Speaking to our friends at PSM3 mag recently, Bach said Battlefield 3 is the game every shooter fan "claims they want".

[ SOURCE: Edge ]