Apple suffers Anonymous hack

Business server breached by cyber anarchists, but little data accessed

A server owned by iPad maker Apple has reportedly been hacked in the latest stunt by online trouble-makers Anonymous.


Data claimed to be from a server used by Apple for technical support has been posted on Paste Bin. The attack is thought to have taken place on Monday (July 4).

The details of 27 user-names and passwords were spilled by Anonymous - but no other customer data appears to have been exposed. Apple has now taken the server offline.

Anonymous has taken credit for the leak as part of its antisec campaign, which targets business sites. The group hinted on Twitter that it was planning a bigger attack on Apple in the future, writing:

"All the media buzz about the drive-by Apple drop on Pastebin makes us wonder what would happen if they get really hit? We do have something prepared for a little later though. Most unpleasing discoveries force us to publish a bit of information."

The hack is the group's first major coup since it announced last month that it was taking members of the now-disbanded LulzSec under its wing.

Three suspected leaders of the Anonymous group were arrested in Italy yesterday. The news cam after similar arrests in Turkey and Spain.

LulzSec has successfully hacked the private data of companies including Sony, Bethesda, Eve Online and Minecraft, as well as the CIA and the US Senate's official site. Anonymous's 'victims' have included YouTube and Sony - but the group deny responsibility for the PSN attack.