Hitman Retrospective: Agent 47's finest kills

A rundown of his most brutal and beautiful assassinations...

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Location: The Shark Club, Las Vegas, Nevada
Game: Hitman: Blood Money
Briefing: CIA agent Anthony Martinez and his lover Vaana Ketlyn have been trafficking weapons. Always elusive, they're exposed at their Heaven and Hell-themed party.

The job: The penthouse is Heaven, the basement is Hell, and they're both packed to bursting with ninety-percent-naked girls. Eyes front, 47; you've got some killing to do. Leather-clad maniac Ketlyn is running the basement's techno-blasting S&M rave while Martinez - dressed as the devil himself - is hanging with the angels in the penthouse.

The club's parking lot has costumes suitable for both parties but a patient hitman can sit atop Heaven's elevator and garrote Martinez, stealing his fright mask and walking between both parties with ease.

Ketlyn is happy to entertain the barcoded assassin when he's dressed as her lover, but meeting her on the dance floor can lead to an awkward confrontation in a well-guarded room. Better to avoid the kinky Romanian altogether and rig her pyrotechnics to explode.

The faulty pyro will set Ketlyn alight - a fate she'll survive, throwing herself into the club's water tank for a toothy reminder of why the Shark Club was given that name in the first place...

Did you know?: There are two assassins out to kill 47 - one in Heaven replacing the original singer, the other in Hell replacing the club's barman. Both will lead 47 aside and fi ght him face-to-face, and both are acceptable collateral damage for The Agency.


Location: New Orleans, USA
Game: Hitman: Blood Money
Briefing: Franchise assassins Mark Purayah, Raymond Kulinsky, and Angelina Mason are set to kill the Secretary of the Interior during New Orleans' Mardi Gras parade, as soon as their payment arrives. Stop them!

The job: Right. No time to hang about. You want to stop The Franchise's hit, you gotta follow the money. 47 takes off after the bag man, following him onto the streets and - back in 2006, at least - that's when jaws hit the floor.

New Orleans' streets are flooded with people, more than you'll see in any other game, and all running on tech as modest as the original Xbox. Following the bag man through the crowd, 47 gets a chance to take the money and take the costume.

With no delivery there's no hit, and the rest of the mission would be easy if not for the hundreds of potential witnesses. Angelina Mason is best dispatched with a falling piano. Stealing her radio will reveal the location of her lover, Kulinsky, who'll be randomly placed in one of the town's three bars.

The right disguise - Rock, Blues, or Salsa - will get you in and the crowd will ignore your suppressed shots. That just leaves the boss, cleanly sniped from across the street, blown up from the book depository next door, or pushed from a balcony while disguised as the bag man.

Did you know?: A waiter's outfit is a better disguise for infiltrating the bars, but stand 47 on any dance floor in full costume and he'll join in with some moves of his own. Now that's a disguise.


Location: The Meat King's Abattoir, Romania
Game: Hitman: Contracts
Briefing: Morbidly obese sexual deviant Campbell Sturrock and his brother Malcolm have recently escaped a kidnapping conviction thanks to their sleazy lawyer. All three must die, and their latest kidnapping victim must be retrieved. Ideally.

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