Hitman Retrospective: Agent 47's finest kills

A rundown of his most brutal and beautiful assassinations...

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Dressing as the children's clown, the caterer, or an FBI agent will get you into Sinistra's perfectly tranquil and tedious suburban home, while drugging a box of doughnuts will deal with the two-man surveillance van.

Sinistra's wife will flirt with the hired help, but that'll lead to a confrontation that will likely result in conflict. Better to douse the barbecue with lighter fluid - a hungry Mrs Sinistra won't know what hit her when it explodes, and the microfilm can be retrieved from her smoking remains.

Sinistra is best taken out in his private office but it requires a clean kill. Listless and paranoid in the suburbs, the former crime boss carries a Magnum, and if his bullets don't get you, the FBI will.

Did you know?: A patrolling FBI agent routinely stops in Sinistra's daughter's room and sniffs her underpants, the dirty git. The pants can be spiked with chloroform for an easy cossie steal.


Location: Beldingford Estate, England
Game: Hitman: Contracts
Briefing: Hunting enthusiast Lord Winston Beldingford and his son, Alistair, have taken the son of a wealthy client, intending to use him in a manhunt. The young man must be freed; the Beldingfords, assassinated.

The job: A sprawling maze of a map, Beldingford Manor is loaded with circuitous routes made short by secret passages and hidden trapdoors. Skittish dogs and horses make an already tough assignment tougher. So, Giles Northcott is held prisoner in the stables but freeing him is a job best left to the end, where a bottle of weedkiller in the horses' water will ensure they don't alert the shotgun-toting guards.

Pure stealth will get 47 to Northcott but getting to Beldingfords Jr and Sr requires the right costume; lucky then that the estate's hedge maze hides a trapdoor to a basement with a lone guard. Poisoning the younger Jr's whiskey barrel will dispatch the little bastard without 47 ever entering the same room as his target, leaving our slapheaded hero free to take care of other business - sneaking into the old man's bedroom via a secret staircase and suffocating the vicious sadist with a pillow.

The younger Beldingford will sip his medicine while 47 is on the way to free Northcott, leaving only a walk back to the river and an easy but lengthy escape for the successful agent.

Did you know?: A more hands-on agent can disguise himself as the butler and bring poisoned whiskey - or a loaded pistol - to Beldingford Jr in person. His drinking partner is so smashed he won't notice a single thing.


Location: A church in the north-eastern United States
Game: Hitman: Blood Money
Briefing: Survive!

The job: Not a hit at all, but one of the greatest game endings ever. Seemingly murdered by his Agency contact Diana, 47 is given the funeral he deserves by the surviving Franchise agents. Big mistake. A kiss on the lips from Diana passes 47 the antidote and awakens him from his false death, but the rest is all up to player. As the credits roll and the priest prays for the agent, observant players will hear a faint heartbeat.

It's time to wake up, 47. Time to wake up for an all-action shootout so manly that women walk bow-legged after playing it, so manly some players never even realised they could stand up and start killing everything that moves.

Waggle the stick and the haze will lift, the HUD will appear and 47 will get to his feet, Silverballers in hand and an entire army of Franchise bodyguards between him and the mastermind behind the Agency's collapse.

Franchise boss Alex Cayne, reporter Rick Henderson, and even the priest must die. Should 47 run short on ammo before he's murdered his way past everyone with a gun, a shed on the church's grounds hides a selection of pointy tools, and as the last two men fall the real credits roll. Diana rebuilds The Agency, and 47 heads to China for reasons to be revealed in the brand new Hitman: Absolution...

Did you know?: Leave 47 on the slab and he'll sink into the crematorium's flames for an instant Game Over, but get up at the right moment and 47 will automatically take the priest hostage, making the mission survivable on even the hardest setting.

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