Microsoft plotting more Xbox Kinect exclusives with Sega

Rise Of Nightmares not the last from Japanese publisher

Sega is planning to release more exclusive games for Microsoft's Kinect - as the publisher's strength of belief in the device continues to grow.


Sega was one of the few third-parties to have a game ready for Kinect's launch - Sonic Riders - and is set to release the Xbox peripheral's first 18-rated game, survival horror Rise Of Nightmares, in September.

According to Sega's US and European boss Mike Hayes, the firm has continued to be impressed with Kinect's sales success - and is working with Microsoft to create yet more exclusives for the system.

"Rise of Nightmares is a mature game and a lot of the games on Kinect have been family party orientated," Hayes told CVG.

"It's ironic that Sega, probably better known for its family titles, is taking something mature onto it. There's a lot of Kinect functionality planned for our games going forward - and hopefully a few more exclusives that we're working with Microsoft on."

When asked if Sega was planning new Kinect exclusives, Hayes added: "I think so. Microsoft are adding more years to Xbox 360's lifecycle by this very clever extension. For us as developers we can either incorporate that into our main game or we can make games that are fun but don't have to be big behemoth games to be accepted and enjoyed by the consumer. That's the smart way of considering the lifecycle.

"Building specifically for Kinect makes a lot of sense provided we've got the right idea. So yes, we're fully supportive of it and you can't ignore the install base and how well they've been driving that."

According to Microsoft, ten million Kinect sensors had been sold as of March 9, 2011. The device launched in November last year.

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