Hitman: Absolution - 'This is living, breathing AI'

The scoop on Agent 47's first game in six years...

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There's now a cover system, which is obviously useful for combat. But we also worked hard to make sure it was useful for stealth, providing the player with fast avoidance situations. When enemies are in alerted states it can escalate to combat, but it can also go back to a hunting situation if you disengage from them. And that's really what we wanted: this living, breathing AI.

Online features are a massive element in today's games. Do you think IO Interactive will ever consider adding multi-player features for Hitman?

It's not something I can share with you at this point. But rest assured, we'll be sharing more later.

Games like Assassin's Creed seem to be yearly now. Would you be comfortable with so high a turnover for the Hitman series?

All I can say is I'd like to be able to come out with a new Hitman game sooner than the six years this one has taken us...

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